Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Feelings...nothing more than feelings...

As this transformation begins, I am finding myself begin to gravitate more towards those who are "orangish".  Know what I mean?  I mean, I know that I shouldn't forsake everyone else, but its something about these people that I love.  When you mention the orange concept to them, they light up.  It is almost as if you ignited a flame in them that desperately wanted to burn for years.  It is very exciting to see people, one by one, get it and don't even know that they do.  Now, its my job to hone that and get them to realize that they are doing great and just keep it up!  I like this part :)

However, the part that I dislike is looking at the folks who may never understand why a change like this must take place.  I look at the wonderful saints and think to myself, "Its OK.  Its not in my hands anyway.  God will do what God wants to do with them."  I will love them and serve them, but I know that our time serving on the same team may be waining.  However, I can't love them more than God, so it simply must be God that takes care of all of us through this process.  By the way, I have to get back to writing curriculum, I am waaaay behind!

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