Monday, May 23, 2011

Funny Story of the Week

On Friday, I decided that it was too gorgeous outside to not grill out.  So, I went to Indy to pick my girls up for the weekend and talked it up all the way there.  They were excited that they actually got to spend the evening was I.

Well, I decided to make it "festive" by putting on a huge sombrero and grilling with it on.  Danaya, our 5 year old, came down the stairs after putting her stuff away in her room and said, "Daddy, you look silly."  I said, "Oh come on now.  I think it makes me look cool."  She said, and I quote, "It kind of makes you look like an African-American Spanish guy."

I am recovering fine from my gut surgery after rupturing it from laughing so hard.

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