Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Where does disappointment come from?

I just got done reading Jon Acuff's blog "Stuff Christians Like."  His post today was awesome.  It got me thinking about disappointment and why we immediately want to turn to God and ask Him, "Why?"

"Why did she have to leave?"

"Why did I betray him like that?"

"Why did you put me through this?"

Suddenly, it hit.  Maybe instead of "Why," maybe we should be humbly asking "How."

"How could you stay by my side?  On the side of a adulterer...a murderer...a thief...a liar...a gossip...a porn alcoholic...a drug abuser...a child abuser...?"

You see, I think disappointment comes from our inate need to place near perfect expectations on imperfect beings.  We simply cannot deliver.  No matter how hard we try and struggle, we will let someone down in our lives.  However, if during those tough times that we get disappointed, we take comfort in the fact that not only does God not disappoint, but that He is there!  Think about it.  Would you want to hang out with a person who cries everytime something doesn't go their way?  Or they complain when their ideal form of justice isn't carried out?  Yeah, that's me.

We try to fight it, but it simply is in our nature.  God knows this and yet, he still picks us.  He still backs us.  And He always will.  Talk about consistency.  Thanks God for never disappointing.

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