Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Its too quiet...

After getting my butt kicked, literally, by God the other day, I really feel good about the direction that the children's ministry is headed.  However, humility is something that I have had harsh lessons taught to me about.  I read something on relevant children's ministry's blog that touched me.  In our day of numbers and money, God isn't concerned about that.  No, really.  Its not about how big the church is or how many kids you take care of...its about you.  Yeah I said it.  Its about me!  Its all about me.  Let me clarify.

In going through this Orange journey, God has really confirmed me as his son.  I have began to press more and more into Him.  Small, baby steps, but we are like infants compared to Him so I think that's OK.  I, at times, feel like I'm walking through really thick mud, and other times, I feel like I'm floating on air.  However, in either instance, I'm walking.  I used to crawl, but now, I'm walking.  He is revealing His plan little by little to me for SCC's Children's Ministry and I can only hope to hang on for the ride.  He is in control, I am but a servant.  Right now, things are good.  So, how dare I call Him my Lord if I'm not willing to recognize Him in the good times and only cry out in the bad times.  So, thanks God, for allowing this time for me to simply have that holy unrest in my soul that tells me that you are in control and things are on the horizon.

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