Monday, October 17, 2011

Parenting around the World - new post!

I absolutely love this quote from the website  It really shows that you can't compare yourself with anyone because if you do, you are only ignoring what God has instilled inside of you to be the parent He wants you to be.  Unique, and able to raise your children confidently.

In one very telling study of Lebanese moth­ers trans­planted to Aus­tralia, for exam­ple, the clash of cul­tures was clearly illus­trated by how the women approached par­ent­ing.  The Aus­tralian moth­ers expected their preschool­ers to be highly ver­bal and to be pre­pared for the rig­ors of school.  The Aus­tralian moth­ers also felt that cer­tain devel­op­men­tal tasks have only a small win­dow of oppor­tu­nity dur­ing which a child can acquire those skills, and that if kids are not poked and prod­ded they will fall behind and be losers.  The Lebanese moth­ers, in con­trast, felt no urge to teach their chil­dren any par­tic­u­lar skills before they went to school and felt kids would learn skills as they needed them; there was no sense of “it’s too late.”  In addi­tion, the Lebanese moth­ers were much more con­cerned about their children’s wel­fare at school.  As a result, Aus­tralian teach­ers labeled the Lebanese kids as unpre­pared for school and over­pro­tected, but the Lebanese moth­ers felt they were doing what was expected of any mother…
Imag­ine the Cam­bo­dian woman new to Amer­ica who is told by her physi­cian to make sure the baby sleeps in his own bed.  Or imag­ine the Guatemalan woman who is con­fused by all the toys her new cul­ture says she must buy for her baby’s hap­pi­ness.  Or what about the British woman who looks in dis­dain at the Niger­ian woman breast-feeding in pub­lic.  Now, more that ever, we need to under­stand how cul­ture molds what we do and what oth­ers do.  By com­par­ing our­selves with oth­ers, and com­par­ing each group with yet another, we also oblit­er­ate any notions of “normal.”

Very interesting article, as well.  If you want to read the whole thing, here's the link:

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