Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Parenting around the world - Episode 1

I am going to begin a series of interesting parenting practice articles from the world.  These are things that I have compiled through reading, listening and watching programs dealing with parenting.  What I find interesting is that across the board, cultures from around the world find value not only in the children, but also in those who are in relationship with the child...everyone.  I hope you enjoy reading these and maybe they will spark some discussion and/or ideas!  Here's the first one:

In the Asian culture, a common postpartum behavior is for the new mom to go to bed for a month while everyone pampers her. Here is a great piece from http://www.media.wiley.com/...

"Family members, and sometimes neighbors, take over cooking and cleaning; when the baby needs to be fed, they bring a freshly changed infant to the mother.
In China, this practice is called zuo yuezi (sitting through the month). The woman must stay in bed behind closed windows, cover her head, and take many precautions to insure that she not damage her ability to produce breast milk."

Gives a new perspective on "It takes a village to raise a child," huh?

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